CQT has a complete offering of tactical firearm training from basic to advanced techniques for all levels of shooters. Our courses take advantage of our cutting-edge facility from the classroom to the shoot house.

Ammo is also available for purchase in the pro shop. Steel-cased, steel-cored, 5.56/.223 SS 109 and M855 (green tip) ammo is prohibited at the range. Appropriate attire for all classes. NO low-cut shirts or open-toed shoes. Baseball cap recommended. A processing fee of 6% will be added to your final cost for a course.

To sign up for a class email Breanna Fiscelli at Breanna.Fiscelli@cqtusa.com or call 586-726-4730 ext. 107


***Due to the high demand for our CPL/CPL Renewal classes and limited availability of class spaces, once you have booked a date you cannot reschedule to another date.***



Close Quarters Tactical's policy requires you to give us no less than two weeks' notice of cancellation for a full refund. If you cancel between 14 and 3 days prior to the course you will not be eligible for a monetary refund, however you can reschedule the class date to any available future class. CQT will allow you to switch your course date up to 48 hours prior to class. NO REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULING WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE COURSE DATE.

**NOTE: Course dates are subject to change if minimum student count is not met.  Notifications of changes will be sent via email and/or phone within 24 hours of course date.

Handgun Courses

  • Private Lessons

    Our Private Lesson Program is personalized, “one-on-one” instruction with one of our well-qualified training instructors.  Your lesson can cover anything from basic marksmanship to advanced tactics such as clearing your home. 

  • Youth Firearm Safety

    This two hour course for children 7 to 12 will teach them the importance of safety around firearms.


    **When signing up for this class, please sign-up using your child(s) name.**


    This eight hour course meets and exceeds the State of Michigan Requirements to obtain a license or permit.


    **Please sign up using your full name**

  • CPL/CCW Renewal

    Our four hour "refresher" course meets State of Michigan requirements for all license or permit renewals. You will learn tactics for concealed carry and updates to change in carry laws.


    **Please sign up using your full name**

  • Pistol/Rifle Maintenance

    During this two hour, course students will learn the proper care and maintenance techniques required to maintain

    a functioning firearm.


  • Drawing From The Holster

    This two hour course was designed to instill proper draw techniques as to better the student’s ability to perform at a higher level.


    **This is a dry fire class**

  • Basic Handgun 

    In this four hour course you will learn the basic fundamentals, how to safely unload, load, fire and inspect your pistol. 


  • Combat Handgun 1

    Over this eight hour course, you will learn how to draw and fire your handgun, conduct "emergency" and "tactical" reloads, as well as how to clear various types of weapon malfunctions.


  • Combat Handgun 2

    In this eight hour course, students will build the skill set acquired from Combat

    Handgun I.


  • Combat Handgun 3

    Formally known as force on force. This eight hour course has been designed to prepare you for realistic problem solving in a deadly force encounter.


  • Combat Skills & Drills

    An advanced, high round-count, course designed to expose the shooter to drills that can enhance skill set and ability to quickly, accurately and tactically employ your defensive handgun.


Carbine Courses

  • Defensive Carbine 1

    This eight hour course will teach you to mount and fire your carbine, conduct "emergency" and "tactical" reloads and how to clear various types of weapon malfunctions.


  • Defensive Carbine 2

    You will learn how to use ballistic protection, as well as utilizing techniques necessary for accurate shooting while moving and using your carbine in low-light situations.


  • Defensive Carbine 3

    This eight hour course is an advanced and high round-count course, designed to expose you to shooting drills that can enhance your skill set and ability.


  • 2 Day Shoot House

    This sixteen hour course has been designed to prepare you for realistic problem solving in a deadly force encounter. This course will cover the combative mindset, shoot/no shoot drills, home invasion, muggings, car jackings and etc.


Speciality  Weapons

  • Pistol/Rifle


    A physically and mentally demanding advanced pistol and rifle course designed to get you thinking and making decisions while in high-stress situations and environments.


  • Threat Focused Shooting

    This four hour course has been designed to mimic the Point Shooting techniques developed by Rex Applegate that were widely used during WWII and have been adopted by many organizations worldwide.


  • Small Frame Revolver

    This four hour course will take a look at carry options, concealment methods and drawing revolvers for self-defense. Reloading techniques will also be covered.


Scenario Based 

  • Couples Home Defense

    Our four hour course teaches you and your significant other defensive strategies to include movement in a two-person team and through various rooms

    **When you sign up please note both names in the couple.**



    The 9 hour CQT C.R.A.V.A.T. course shows you the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).


Self Defense

  • Women's Basic Self Defense

    The Women's Basic Self Defense course teaches students to break initial contact, disable the attacker, choke and bear hug defenses from the front and behind in addition to basic reflexive strikes.


  • Women's Advanced Self Defense

    Building upon the skills learned in the Women's Basic Self Defense course, this four hour course teaches additional defenses covering aggressive strikes, choke holds, bear hugs and attacks being pinned down.


  • Youth Bully Prevention

    Anti Kidnapping

    This course has been designed for students, and parents of students, in grades Kindergarten to 8th grade.


    **When signing up for this class, please sign up with your child(s) name.**

  • Pocket Knife 


    This four hour course assists you in knife selection, carry methods and solutions, mindset, proper stances and grips, as well as targeting areas, multiple cuts and locking systems.


  • Pen/Flashlight Basic Knife Technique

    This four hour course will present the basics of using these three common tools to defend oneself if ever assaulted.


  • CPR, AED &

    Stop the Bleed

    Upon complete the course you will receive your CPR Card & stop the bleed certificate.




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