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(IFAK Training)

Tactical First Aid

This course is to teach the basic skills necessary to preserve life rndering aid to self or individuals who are suffering from traumatic injury. You will be trained in the application of an IFAC(individual first aid kit) to help stop hemorrhaging and stabilize self or others until the arrival of Emergency Medical Technicians(EMT's) to administer advanced medical care. Class is taught by one of CQT's certified Emergency Medical Technichians.

All Students will receive First Aid Trauma Training on the proper use of items contained with the IFAK. You will be required to successfully complete an IFAK scenario before receiving a completion certificate from CQT. This is not a Red Cross CPR certified course.

Cost of the class will include 4 hours of training, 1 IFAK, 2 Tourniquets

$175 per Class
includes 4 hours of training,  1 IFAK, 2 Tourniquets
$135 Bring Your Own Kit
March  10-11 6-8pm


For more information regarding our courses

please email:

(586) 726-4730 ext 107.

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