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Are you looking for a challenge, preparing for a tactical career, or just looking for a solid workout?


Per 2 Hour Session

The pinnacle performance program blends a high intensity circuit-­based workout utilized by special operations teams
and led by Special Operations veterans to provide tactical knowledge and functional strength for real world encounters. The program is broken into 4 weeks and 2 different styles of training.

The objective of this program is to build comradery, conduct tactical exercises and functional workouts that increase the participants tactical performance and overall health. Program will meet once a week for two hours for four weeks. Each week will consist of a tactical "Monster Mash" or "Grinder PT" workout and tactical training exercise on either the range, shoot-house or sim village. You will need eye and ear protection, rifle, sling w/retention capability, optics, 3 magazines, water and plate carriers are optional.


BRAVO Dates: 10/18, 10/26, 11/3, 11/8

Contact Breanna Fiscelli at (586) 726-4730 ext 107

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