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Military & Special Operations
Preparation Program

New course for 2022! Join us for a 5-Day SOF Tactical Program at our Georgia or Michigan facilities designed to prepare individuals for a Special Operation career as well as the selection phase. This preparation program leverages the training and real-world SOF experiences of the CQT Cadre to give Special Operations candidates a firsthand experience into the elite community. Each day provides new skills for the individuals. The skills learned over the first 4 days will come together on the last training day for the final SOF immersion.

CQT's instructor roster have the highest standard of training and are pulled from the following special operations units;

U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Special Forces ODA Teams, U.S. Marine Special Operations Command,

U.S. Naval Special Warfare Seal Teams and U.S. Naval Special Warfare Training Detachments.

Contact Breanna Fiscelli at - (586) 726-4730 ext 107

or  Matt Johnson at  -  (586) 726-4730 ext 109

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