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November 7th & 8th


This event will be made up of individual stages, each stage will be scored and each division
will award a winner.

This competition is located at our Georgia facility. It is aimed at non-professional shooters and newer shooters testing them in 3 disciplines; Precision Rifle, Tactical Rifle, and Pistol skills. Each division will have one winner awarded. Not interested in competing in the competition? We will have other fun events happening during the competitions like the shoot house experience with
 simunition, vendors and much more.

$250    Both days/ All 3 shooting matches
$150    1 day / 1 shooting type
$10        On-site camping
$10        On-site lunch (Each day)

Shooter divisions:
Senior 55+
Average Joe’s
Pro /Law Enforcement /Military


Caliber: 9mm/ .40/ .45 semi auto/ .22
Range: 0-25 Yards

Tactical Rifle
Caliber: .223/5.56 semi auto/ 9mm PCC
Range: 0-125 Yards

Precision Rifle
Caliber: .223/ .308 or similar bolt action or semi auto
Range: 150 Yards to 1000 Yards
Known and unknown distance targets

For more information please contact

(586) 726-4730 ext 107


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